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Privacy Policy available with the GDPR.

Privacy Policy available with the GDPR.

SOVIMAR EOOD and is a controller of personal data that no one offers and is responsible for those must use personal data protection law.


VAT:BG 202252429


10 Dr. Golovina Str., 2nd floor, apartment 4 (Not a physical store)

Milen Ivanov

1. For a document

Our wood is checked in your personal data and in this document, which can be noticed, stored, processed, sent and forwarded your personal data.

2. What personal data we collect

You can report this information if you need to provide it:

• Send names, addresses, telephone numbers, company details

• Email addresses

• IP addresses

• update date

• gender

• country

• Account registration

• encrypted payment card information

• You will process the following categories if you always buy:

* order history

* Delivery Information

* payment history

• We will process and then categorize personal data by contacting your cookies

* Click history

* history of navigation and surfing

• Plugins, which can usually also accompany personal data.

• Personal data from other sources - for example from social applications

All data is processed in relation to the law and legitimate business purposes, for the purposes of including a contract or with your consent.

3. Storage of personal data

Ours present your personal data for the latest period, which is not necessary to be used for laws and our business purposes. We may also keep your personal data for a longer period if it is used by law or for legitimate business purposes if it is not prohibited by law.

4. Processing of personal data

Our process your personal data for various reasons, such as:

• We operate these online store

• For business purposes such as tracking and analyzing the operation of the site

• With your attitude, which you can withdraw at any time

5. Sharing personal data

Send your personal data with:

• Courier companies - you have your names, phone number, addresses, postal code, choice of courier office

• Payment systems and banks that you have to pay with a card or / Paypal account. Your debit or credit card number is entered by you personally in a secure payment page of the operator, and we do not have access to and do not save in your online store.

• Social media, such as Facebook and Google

• Third parties that are our partners

• Software company Mirchev Ideas Ltd. offers a large development and hosting provider of a platform for online stores Seliton

6. Information about third parties of our partners

In order to work properly on your website and to use the constantly existing websites of the offered products, we use the programs and websites that can access the IP address of your IP and analyze your performance in the presence of the website:

• Facebook Login

• Sign in to Google+

• Google Analytics

• Google Bookmark Manager

• Facebook Pixel

• Tracking events on Facebook

• Dynamic feed of Google remarketing products

• Zopim Chat

In any case, if you do not agree to these terms, you cannot use this site, used and should not be used in the future.

7. Understand

Look for small text files that are stored in the web browser's memory or on the device you need to visit from a Seliton-based online store. We meet all categories:

• To operate the site: without this site you will not be able to operate correctly and you will not be able to use the orders for orders

• To track the work of the site

• Advertising and targeting

The first two types of cookies may be lower, and the third type of cookies may be discarded on these sites:



8. Your rights

About GDPR - The general regulation on personal data protection that you must have. It has the right to be informed, available, corrected, limited processing, deletion, ratio and transfer of your personal data.

See with what personal data you can visit the following page:

• My personal data

From this page, which has special functionality of the Seliton online store, you can request the export of your personal data.

Right to delete:

You have the right to extract all personal data, process from SOVIMAR EO D and

Right to delete:

You have the right to retrieve all personal data, to process it at any time, to have in the following situations:

* You are currently in the process of communicating with a separate Customer Service when resolving any issue

* you have an open order that has not been sent or has been partially sent

* you have an unsettled long way to SOVIMAR EOOD and, regardless of the method of payment

* if you are suspected of abuse or have abused our services in the last four years

* If you have made a purchase, you will retain your personal data in connection with your transaction of accounting rules.

If you have not paid attention to what you want to ask about your personal data, you can send a request to the personal data protection service in your country. For Bulgaria, please contact the "Commission for Personal Data Protection".

For each of your rights, please send a written subscription to a postal address or email address.

9. Contact us

Our company names, postal address, e-mail address and contact telephone number are not announced on any page or on our website. Contact details of persons who are protected in personal data are used for recording.

Please note in any case, if you do not agree to these terms, there is no way to use this site, you are responsible and should not use it in the future.

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